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Foxtel Digital don’t shy away from TV or video installations that are complex or difficult, as these two case studies demonstrate:

Sony offices, Golden Square, W1
Sony requested a 30+ channel head end system to supply TV channels to their head office in Golden Square, London. – Foxtel Digital installed the system which was distributed via a MATV system to around 25 TVs located in various offices. The system was one of the largest channelised systems in the UK at the time of installation.

IRS system to 125 flats owned by the Guinness housing association
The existing system was a typical example of an effective solution to a property plagued by a mass of externally fitted mini dishes, which the landlord wanted to get rid of. Foxtel Digital ensured all properties were fed via a single satellite antenna located on the roof and cabled to two distribution cabinets. Each dwelling received its signal to Sky digital, terrestrial Digital, DAB, terrestrial analogue and FM signals via faceplate sockets.

MDU is one of the most cost effective solutions for this kind of project and can cost as little as £180 per point. MDU are now available in fibre optic making them a future proof solution.

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